Management Hotline
For members only, this hotline provides personal assistance when you have specific questions about employer-employee policies and procedures. The Hotline is staffed by an employment law attorney.

Discounted Seminar Fees
Members receive a discount for local EAC seminars on topics such as labor law and human resources to name a few.

Annual Conference
Each year, the CEAC and EDD co-sponsor a popular conference that brings together the statewide EACs. The conference features keynote speakers and interactive workshops covering valuable information that can help your business succeed.

Professional Affiliations
The CEAC is affiliated with organizations such as the California Chamber of Commerce, California Workforce Investment Board, Small Business Employer Advisory Committee, Labor Market Information Advisory Group, Governor’s Small Business Advocate’s Office, and others. These affiliations offer employers representation with these groups, information, and, in some cases, benefits such as discounted materials or memberships.



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